Eklektik Session




Eklektik Session is an international artistic platform and a unique festival that has entered the calendar of the most important cultural events in Wroclaw, Poland. Eklektik Session effectively blurs the stylistic boundaries, promotes and integrates the creative environment, draws close co-operation with artists, festivals and institutions from around the globe. In recent years the ES platform is joined by open-minded artists such as Nils Petter Molvaer, Jan Bang, Eivind Aarset, Erland Dahlen, Ganesh Anandan, Loup Barrow, Thomas Bloch, Guo Gan, Mariam Wallentin, Lucien Dubuis, Alfred Vogel, Claudio Puntin, Max. Loderbauer, Samuel Roher, Nadishana, Wu Wei, Mieko Miyazaki, Pierre Jodlowski, Roli Mosimann, Blu Rum 13 and local artists. Institutional partners include: Punkt Festival Kristiansand, National Forum of Music, Musica Electronica Nova, European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016, Dozamel, Wroclaw Industrial Park, Fortaco, Dolnośląska Fabryka Maszyn Elektrycznych, New Horizons Cinema, Kadry Wrocławia.


Eklektik Session 2017

This year’s Eklektik Session – Architexture – will take place from 06-09.10.2017. The theme of the festival this year is Architecture. The events will be located in Wroclaw’s points shaping the space and history of our city. An integral part of the festival will be meetings with architects, designers, art historians.

Before we announce the full program of this year’s edition, we invite you to the BEFORE EKLEKTIK SESSION 2017 weekend.  During the official press conference at the Etno Cafe OVO, we will present the concept and program. On Saturday we will hear a lecture on the unrealized architecture of the interwar period, and in the Lower Silesian Film Center we will look at the compilation of music videos shot in the space of Wroclaw. On Sunday morning we will meet “on the Mill” and in the evening we will conclude the before ES 2017 weekend with THE NIGHT – tribute to Morphine concert on Plac Społeczny

Full program of the Before Eklektik Session 2017 weekend






Eklektik Session 2016

Eklektik Session stands for international artists platform and festival of unique events in Wroclaw, Poland.

Eklektik Session 2016 edition will be held on 19th June on active industrial area of Wroclaw Industrial Park at Fabryczna Street 10. We want to not only open a “new” space as to discover and enter a historic place with respect for its authentic daily aura. Eklektik Session 2016 is part of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016.

ES 2016 presents interactions among artists from the Netherlands, France, Norway, Russia, China, England, Germany and Wroclaw local artists. Concerts will be held in strict production halls, accompanied by exhibitions, screenings and events that show history and emphasize importance of industrial areas of Wroclaw. In cooperation with the Society of Lovers of Wroclaw we will launch old tramway “Juliusz” that was born in the former factory Linke-Hofmann Verke in the twenties. The historic tram will run from the city center (Teatralny Square) to Wroclaw Industrial Park Main Gate.
This year’s edition of Eklektik Session is held under the motto “Man Machine“. The final concert by the one-of-a-kind Eklektik Orchestra is focusing on relationship between improvisation and precision.

Eklektik Orchestra will perform after dark on the main stage in front of one of the largest and oldest surviving halls in Wrocław Industrial Park, Hall A3. The facade of the building will serve as a huge screen for interactive video-mapingu prepared with Lune group. The final performance will be a unique event, as usual, prepared and executed jointly by foreign visitors and artists from Wroclaw and local regions under artistic direction by the founder of Eklektik Session platfrom and Eklektik Orchestra leader,  Radek “Bond” Bednarz.