Eklektik Session



Eklektik Session 2017 program


friday 06.10
16:00 Rotunda Etno Cafe

Paweł Jabłczyński, Paweł Pastuszka
doublebass solo sets

ES 2017 will kick off with contrabassists Paweł Jabłczyński and Paweł Pastuszka in the former kiosk on Kosciuszki Square, today’s Etno Cafe. Both will perform two 15 minute sets and their instruments will be broadcast outside the small rotunda, which will allow you to experience the concert from the urban space. Few will also have the opportunity to experience their sets inside of the intimate cafe.


friday 06.10
18:00 Market Hall

Jerzy Adam Nowak & Michał Jedynak
sitar/perc duo

Jerzy Adam Nowak is a composer, sitar player and a pedagogue. A two-time Indian Government scholarship student, he studied classical Indian music at Shri Ram Bhartiya Kala Kendra in New Delhi. As soloist he performs with “Shanti Path” and has also written more than thirty theatrical productions and documentaries, including “In the Shadow of Everest,” “Higher Than the Himalayas,” “Welcome to Africa,” and ” Hunger for love “. Jerzy Adam Nowak will perform with drummer Michał Jedynak their premiere concert “Impact” in the historic Market Hall, from early 20th century. The building was not severely damaged in the war-era and practically immediately after the war it was used for its intended purpose. Thorough renovation was made in the years 1980-1983 and since then the Market Hall has been one of the biggest trade fairs in Wroclaw.


friday 06.10
20:00 Oratorium Marianum Baroque Music Hall

Ståle Storløkken (Norway)
organs / piano

introduction: dr Jan Maciej Żelbromski

Ståle Storløkken performs with many rock and jazz groups in his native Norway, including progressive Elephant9, rocky Motorpsycho and considered ‘supergroup’ Supersilent which is frequently joined by Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones. Ståle Storløkken wide range of inspirations, from pure jazz and rock to modern-day classics, helped to create a unique style of improvisation. He will perform at the Oratorium Marianum, the musical baroque hall of the University of Wrocław using in-house organs from 1718 built by the Silesian master Adam Horatio Casparini. Stale will also join the final concert of Eklektik Orchestra “Reversed” 09.10 at Wroclaw Opera. His solo concert will be preceded by a lecture from Dr Jan Żelbromski, art historian and renovator, who carried out reconstruction of sculptures and paintings at this magnificent hall.


saturday 07.10
16:00 WuWA Kindergarten (Chamber of Architects)

Jim Hart & Alfred Vogel (England / Austria)
vibraphone / drums 

introduction: Grażyna Adamczyk-Arns

The model housing estate built in Wrocław in 1929 as part of the WuWA exhibition has turned out to be one of the more spectacular architectural experiments in the world. The saturday program will be entirely devoted to WuWA.  At 16:00 Grażyna Adamczyk-Arns, president of ‘Wroclaw Revitalization’ will lead a thematic lecture in the former kindergarten, today the Chamber of Architects.  Following the introduction of WuWA, a premiere concert of Jim Hart and Alfred Vogel, two highly creative musicians from England and Austria will take place.


saturday 07.10
20:00 WuWA Hotel Park (Hans Scharoun)

Dieb13 (Austria)

Dieb13 (Dieter Kovačič) is a Vienna-based performer, since the late 1980s, he has used cassette recorders, vinyls, CDs and hard discs as instruments. Active on the electronic and improvised scene, with Takeshi Fumimoto, Swedish Azz, Phil Minton, and Mats Gustafsson as part of his Nu Ensemble. He has performed in over 30 countries on four continents, at various international festivals. In Wroclaw, Dieb13 will perform in the interior of Wuwa’s flagship project, house number 31 for single and childless marriages, designed by the German architect Hans Scharoun. The venue after a general renovation with original interiors and colors is now functioning as the Park Hotel of the State Labor Inspectorate.


niedziela 08.10
17:00 Acoustics Lab at Wroclaw University of Technology 

Jacob Bergson (USA)
keys / programming

introduction: dr Piotr Kozłowski

Jacob Bergson is a keyboardist, producer and sound engineer from New York. His wide-ranging stylistic interests in jazz, electronic and pop music and his expertise in sound synthesis make it not only an ideal collaborator for Jojo Mayer’s NERVE, but also for a wide range of contemporary artists. Jacob will perform special session in the Acoustic Lab in the Techonopolis building of Wroclaw University of Technology. The characteristic black structure is designed by Wrocława architect Wojciech Jarząbek. The use of the anechoic space is not accidental here, and its specifics will be told by Dr Piotr Kozłowski. Then we’ll experience two 20-minute sessions by Jacob.


monday 09.10
19:00 Wrocław Opera

NERVE (Switzerland, USA)

Jojo Mayer: Drums
John Davis: Bass
Jacob Bergson: Keys
Aaron Nevezie: Live Audio Manipulation

In the year 2014, Modern Drummer Magazine listed Jojo Mayer as one of the 50 greatest drummers of all time. Swiss born Jojo first performed at the age of 2 with dad’s band. At age 18, he received his first international exposure during a world tour with Monty Alexander, supporting jazz legends such as Dizzy Gillespie and Nina Simone. In the early 1990s he moved from Europe to New York, where he worked as a sideman for a wide circle of outstanding artists. As a leader, he created his own unique style with NERVE, which established him as one of the greatest performers and innovators of drums.  His advanced concepts and techniques of “reversed engineering” (electronic bits in real time on an acoustic drum set) introduced a new paradigm and opened door for a whole new generation of musicians.

Eklektik Orchestra „Reversed”

Jojo Mayer / drums
John Davis / double bass
Ståle Storløkken / rhodes, electronics
Dieb13 / turntables & electronics
Alfred Vogel / percussions
Jan Kantner / alt sax
Dominik Gawroński / trumpet
Adam Bławicki / tenor & bari sax
Paweł Jabłczyński / double bass
Paweł Pastuszka / double bass
Bond / bass, electronics

sound: Roli Mosimann
concept: Bond

For the final evening at the Wroclaw Opera guests of the  festival will join local musicians for the premiere Eklektik Orchestra performance. The perspective of the room will be reversed which will allow the audience to experience the concert from the backstage.  Behind the concept of the show and the entire ES 2017 program stands the founder of the Eklektik Session platform & festival, Radek Bond Bednarz.



Partner of the final concert: Wrocław Opera

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