Eklektik Session





Model-house no.2 of the WuWA Exhibit in Wroclaw. Designed as a kindergarten, now Training and Information Center of the Lower Silesian Chamber of Architects of Poland.

Originally designed as kindergarten for 60 children. One-storey building with a wooden façade with a centrally located playground illuminated above the roof of the skylight. Around the playroom there were room for group activities. The structure and character of the building were related to the new pedagogical methods introduced at that time in Germany. The kindergarten was made up of ready-made elements and together with the children’s sanatoriums the Convicts project was a children’s area in WuWa. The authors of the project were Paul Heim, Albert Kempter and Erich Vergin (garden).

The building burnt down in unexplained circumstances in July 2006. On the initiative of the Lower Silesian Chamber of Architects of Poland, the building was built in 2013. The official opening took place in January 2014.

07.10 Jim Hart & Alfred Vogel

address: Wróblewskiego 18