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Oratorium Marianum


The Latin Oratory of the Latin Congregation (Oratorium Marianum) is a Baroque aula within the main building of the University of Wrocław. As a result of the collapsing four of its western pillars during construction, on August 9, 1731, the three-nave hall was transformed into a narrow hall with a south-facing corridor. The Oratory was solemnly celebrated on November 22, 1733. Since that time, it was, together with Aula Leopoldinska and the present-day Auditorium Comicum (theatrical room), the most representative interiors of the University of Wroclaw. In the Oratory there are the organs of Silesian master Adam Honorato Casparini of 1718.

Thanks to the excellent acoustics, the oratory became one of Wrocław’s main music halls. In the nineteenth century Johannes Brahms, Ferenc Liszt, Niccolò Paganini, Anton Rubinstein, Klara Schumann and Henryk Wieniawski gave concerts there. In 1902 Hans Poelzig created the Art Nouveau organ prospect for the Oratorium (destroyed in 1945). During the First World War the oratorio was part of the lazarette established in the university building, and the scenery and paintings were severely damaged. Restaurant work lasted until 1940. During the siege of Wroclaw in 1945 the oratory was severely damaged, destroyed among others. The ceiling of the hall. Postwar reconstruction did not restore the old decor, and only renovation from the turn of the 20th and 21st century led to the restoration and reconstruction of most of the stucco and parts of paintings, as well as the restoration of the concert hall function.

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address:  Uniwersytecki Square 1  / University of Wrocław

foto: Dominika Hull