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Park Hotel


One of the most interesting buildings of the WUWA complex is Hans Scharoun’s house for singles and young couples, which now serves as a hotel.

WUWA (germ. Wohnungs- und Werkraumausstellung, Workplace and House Exhibition) was a building exhibition held in Breslau (today Wroclaw) in 1929. Organized by the Silesian committee of the Deutsche Werkbund, close to the Scheitniger Park(currently Tramwajowa, Dembowskiego, Mikolaja Kopernika and Zielonego Dębu streets). Several local architects, mainly members of Werkbund, participated in the exhibition. 37 different types of buildings were presented to serve as “standards”. The main focus was on simple, but not trivial architectonical form and functionality. All 37 buildings were built within a three-month period. Recreational areas were a part of this project, together with a wooden kindergarten which was supposed to show new architectural trends.

07.10 Dieb13

address: Kopernika 5