Eklektik Session



Rotunda (Etno Cafe)


Charming “Okrąglak” (rotunda) is located on Kosciuszki square. Today you can have some great coffee here. It is not known when it was exactly built, but certainly before the war. You cans see it on postcards from the 1930s, then  there was a bookstore in the 50’s. Just a few years ago you could get here tobacco, snuff, pipe or other articles for smokers. Then the kiosk moved into the hands of Ruch (press distributor) and gained a distinctive green colour,  later repainted in black. In 2013 ut was hired by a private investor as a kiosk and souvenir shop for several months. Now it’s a home of the cosy and excellent Etno Cafe referring to the cafeteria history of the Świdnicka street – a coffee roaster house located once on the Theater Square.

06.10 Paweł Jabłczyński, Paweł Pastuszka

adress: Świdnicka/Kościuszki Sq.