Eklektik Session



Main Stage

Eklektik Session 2016 Main Stage will be located outside HALL A3, one of the biggest and oldest halls at Wroclaw Industrial Park. The facade of the building will serve as huge screen for interactive video-maping during Eklektik Orchestra final performance.  


MAIN STAGE AREA will include Lounge area with chill out and Foodtruck sections.



20:00 | MAIN STAGE | outside of HALL A3

album release concert

Natalia Lubrano – vocals
Bond – bass
Paweł Konikiewicz – keys
Michał Muszyński – drums

In February 2016 Miloopa released a single announcing anniversary album VERKE. The official “Get Ready” video relates to the history of Wroclaw Industrial Park, it was shot on the area and inside of the production halls. Watch out for a cool driver! Highly respected polish singer & songwriter Lech Janerka, contributed here as an actor.


documentary, 1947, directed by Konstanty Gordon
One of the oldest polish documentaries reporting the early days of Wrocław Industrial Park, used as a symbol of progress in the communism. The movie will be screened between Miloopa and Eklektik Orchestra concerts on the Main Stage in cooperation with Kadry Wrocławia.
Final performance

Loup Barrow / cristal baschet
Agim Dżeljilji / keys, electronics
Jan Bang / live remix
Nadishana / ethnic instruments
Jasper le Clerq / violin
Jan Emil Młynarski / drums
Michał Muszyński / drums
Grzegorz Pastuszka / suzafon
Bartosz Straburzyński / guitar
Karol Gola / baritone saxophone
Paulina Lenda / vocals
Kacha Pakosa / vocals
Bond / bass, electronics

video-mapping : Radosław Janicki, Lune 
sound : Roli Mosimann
concept & art direction:
Radek “Bond” Bednarz

Eklektik Orchestra is one of a kind final performance of every Eklektik Session festival. Concerts are inspired by various motives related to widely understood history, film, arts. Last year concert “Echoes” visualized by real mountain stories  took place at Main Hall of National Forum of Music in Wrocław. So far among EO special guests were Nils Petter Molvaer, Eivind Aarset, Mieko Miyazaki, Jan Bang, Arve Henriksen, Guo Gan, Erland Dahlen, Erik Honore, Ganesh Anandan, Claudio Puntin, Lucien Dubuis, Alfred Vogel, Jan Galega and various polish artists.

NFM | EKLEKTIK SESSION – official aftermovie 2015 from Eklektik Session on Vimeo.

EKLEKTIK ORCHESTRA “THE DEEP” official trailer from Eklektik Session on Vimeo.

Eklektik Orchestra ECHOES – String of Everything from Eklektik Session on Vimeo.