Eklektik Session



Monday 09.10


monday 09.10
19:00 Wrocław Opera House

NERVE (Switzerland, USA)

Jojo Mayer: Drums
John Davis: Bass
Jacob Bergson: Keys
Aaron Nevezie: Live Audio Manipulation

In the year 2014, Modern Drummer Magazine listed Jojo Mayer as one of the 50 greatest drummers of all time. Swiss born Jojo first performed at the age of 2 with dad’s band. At age 18, he received his first international exposure during a world tour with Monty Alexander, supporting jazz legends such as Dizzy Gillespie and Nina Simone. In the early 1990s he moved from Europe to New York, where he worked as a sideman for a wide circle of outstanding artists. As a leader, he created his own unique style with NERVE, which established him as one of the greatest performers and innovators of drums.  His advanced concepts and techniques of “reversed engineering” (electronic bits in real time on an acoustic drum set) introduced a new paradigm and opened door for a whole new generation of musicians.


Eklektik Orchestra „Reversed”

Jojo Mayer / drums
John Davis / double bass
Ståle Storløkken / rhodes, electronics
Dieb13 / turntables & electronics
Alfred Vogel / percussions
Jan Kantner / alt sax
Dominik Gawroński / trumpet
Adam Bławicki / tenor & bari sax
Paweł Jabłczyński / double bass
Paweł Pastuszka / double bass
Bond / bass, electronics

sound: Roli Mosimann
concept: Bond

For the final evening at the Wroclaw Opera guests of the  festival will join local musicians for the premiere Eklektik Orchestra performance. The perspective of the room will be reversed which will allow the audience to experience the concert from the backstage.  Behind the concept of the show and the entire ES 2017 program stands the founder of the Eklektik Session platform & festival, Radek Bond Bednarz.

Partner of the final concert: Wrocław Opera

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