Eklektik Session



Sunday 08.10


niedziela 08.10
17:00 Acoustics Lab at Wroclaw University of Technology 

Jacob Bergson (USA)
keys / programming

introduction: dr Piotr Kozłowski

Jacob Bergson is a keyboardist, producer and sound engineer from New York. His wide-ranging stylistic interests in jazz, electronic and pop music and his expertise in sound synthesis make it not only an ideal collaborator for Jojo Mayer’s NERVE, but also for a wide range of contemporary artists. Jacob will perform special session in the Acoustic Lab in the Techonopolis building of Wroclaw University of Technology. The characteristic black structure is designed by Wrocława architect Wojciech Jarząbek. The use of the anechoic space is not accidental here, and its specifics will be told by Dr Piotr Kozłowski. Then we’ll experience two 20-minute sessions by Jacob.