Eklektik Session




All tickets and special passes for ES 2017 events are available in pre-sale at www.ES2017.evenea.pl

06.10 Rotunda / Etno Cafe
Paweł Jabłczyński, Paweł Pastuszka
free concert * outskirts of the cafe / artists inside

06.10 Market Hall
Jerzy Adam Nowak & Michał Jedynak
free concert * in public space

06.10 Oratorium Marianum
Ståle Storløkken
25/35, –

07.10 WuWA Chamber of Architects
Jim Hart & Alfred Vogel
35, –

07.10 WuWA Hotel Park

08.10 Acoustic Chamber
Jacob Bergson
25, –

09.10 Wroclaw Opera – ES 2017 – final concerts 
Jojo Mayer & Nerve, Eklektik Orchestra “Reversed”

Main audience (standing, main system): 80, –
I  balcony (seated): 70, –
II balcony (seated): 60, –

Please note! Both concerts will be held in reverse perspective, which means the main audience will be on the stage (standing places) and will be experienced on the main sound-system. Other places on the balconies (seating areas) will be amplified with the Opera system. Please decide for seats that suit your preference.

Available Eklektik Session 2017 pre-sale passes:

Eklektik VIP: 120, –
WuWA VIP: 60, –

Eklektik VIP pass include all concerts 06-08.10
06.10 Marianum Oratory: Ståle Storløkken
07.10 WuWA: Jim Hart & Alfred Vogel
07.10 WuWA: Dieb13
08.10 Acoustic Chamber: Jacob Bergson
+ invitation to performances by double bassists Paweł Jabłczyński and Paweł Pastuszka in Rotunda (ES 2017 inauguration) with refreshment from Etno Cafe.
* concert experience inside the cafe only for Eklektik VIP pass holders

WuWA pass include concerts:
07.10 WuWA: Jim Hart & Alfred Vogel
07.10 WuWA: Dieb13
+ invitation for WuWA tour with our friendly city guide Iwona Stec (1.5h)


all prices in Polish Zloty (PLN)
passes and tickets are available at www.ES2017.evenea.pl
if you need assistance don’t hesitate to contact us at info@eklektiksession.com